Something new at JEWaC’S…

This year, JEWaC’S has decided to pay special attention to its former members by organizing a special alumni drink! The family aspect is a value that we try to perpetuate over the years. We believe that the involvement of everyone makes us stronger. The alumni drink is therefore the best way to meet the members who have made JEWaC’S what it is today!

What is an alumni?

The term alumni refers to former students who graduated from the same institution or members of the same association.

What is the purpose of an alumni association?

It allows you to create a professional network thanks to former members who have proven themselves in the working world. It facilitates the search for internships, it helps to get a first job, and especially it allows us to share our experiences around a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

How to join our alumni network?

If you are a former member of JEWaC’S and would like to keep in touch with us, meet up with old friends or see how JEWaC’S has evolved since its creation, we invite you to register via the link below in order to join our alumni network.


Join us !

Save the date !

This year’s drink is a little more special because in addition to being the first one, it takes place in the year of our 20th anniversary!  It will be held on April 28th 2023 and if you join our alumni network, we hope to count you in!