JEWaC’S had the opportunity to carry out a project for the ASBL Les Gentianes, whose head office is located in Mons.

Since 1973, the ASBL Les Gentianes has been carrying out several missions to welcome and help young people, children and teenagers, who are often bruised by a difficult socio-familial experience.  Our services are aimed more specifically at: young people in difficulty as well as people who are experiencing difficulties in fulfilling their parental obligations; any child whose health or safety is in danger or whose educational conditions are compromised by his or her behavior, that of his or her family or friends.

The task of JEWaC’S was to implement a digital communication strategy about a sponsorship project for underprivileged children as well as for orphaned children. To do so, the members of JEWaC’S created a Facebook page on which a chatbot (conversational agent) was incorporated. In addition, they created publications, content (e.g. testimonies collected by the ASBL Les Gentianes) to attract potential sponsors via and they also set up a weekly appointment booking system on the Facebook page. In order for the company to manage the Facebook page itself, a guide was produced by JEWAC and made available to the company.

Finally, JEWaC’S also contacted Télé MB (a television company from Montpellier) in order to make a report on the ASBL Les Gentianes, which can be viewed via the following link:,sur%20le%20concept%20de%20parrainage.