Partnership with Les Jeunes Entreprises (LJE) !

Partnership with Les Jeunes Entreprises (LJE) !

JEWaC’S is pleased to announce our new partnership with Les Jeunes Entreprises (LJE)!

LJE’s objective is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in young people between the ages of 8 and 25. The organization wants to encourage these young people to activate their entrepreneurial potential so that they become actors of economic, social and cultural development.

Their missions are as follows:

  • Stimulate: to give a favorable vision of the entrepreneur and arouse the desire to become one.
  • Reveal and strengthen talents: by proposing its programs, LJE aims to help young people discover the talents they possess. The learning method aims to strengthen them.
  • Activate entrepreneurial skills and move from ideas to action. Skills developed include self-confidence, team spirit, creativity, perseverance, sense of responsibility, sense of initiative.

The objective of this collaboration is to be able to exchange in the field of entrepreneurship with the different mini-companies, through several events. In addition, JEWaC’S will be regularly invited to different coaching sessions in order to challenge and advise the mini-companies in their development.

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